Eastern Shore Maryland

Last weekend my mother and I went down to see our friends who are more like family to us.  When I was a child my G-d mother and my G-d Father would invite me to spend every summer with them. My G-d father worked on the water doing crabbing in the summer and oystering in the winter. I remember cleaning and picking crabs and of course hot summer days on the beach. Deal Island is a small town where everyone knows everyone my G-d parents youngest daughter, Tammy is my best friend I was in her wedding over ten years ago and her daughter Madison Brooke was named after me. While there we visited Chincoteague and Assateague Island to see the damage caused by all the winter winds, I have to say they got a lot of work to do before the season comes. We fed the wild ponies and shopped in their quaint stores. We ate tons of seafood including crab cakes, 5 types of fried fish, and fried oysters, and shrimp (Tums Please!). Every morning we sit around with our coffee and while the scrapple or bacon is a frying (I swear gained 10 lbs while there) and talk about what is new with people we know, while Maddie played with her new pirate hat and parrot I got her, we kept singing the Sponge Bob square pants jingle. Us girls got pedi’s at the mall and we talked about the summer approaching and how we can’t wait to get the anklets and the toe rings out. Maddie got a new “pet” a Zhu  Zhu pet. Which is a hamster that scoots and scamper across the floor, and has it’s own unique personality and whimsical sounds. Maddie asked what it’s name is and that it was spelled out on the bottom I look and all I see is the ‘made in china’ , I told her “Her name is China” she said she didn’t like that name. Made me laugh. Paige and her boyfriend came over and showed us their new adorable black puppy named Cash. 


T for Trouble.

Just had to post a pic of my adorable nephew.

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International Gem & Jewelry Show

One of my favorite events is coming up this weekend and that is the International Gem & Jewelry Show! Ever since I was 7 years old my mother would take me to the shows with her and her friends, it was such an experience to take  the Metro down to D.C.  and go to the convention center where we would walk down aisle after aisle of brightly lit jewelry. Gold, silver, platinum, estate jewelry, wholesale, retail, loose beads, loose gems, custom made, repair, and of course costume jewelry all can be found plus so much more. Twenty years later my mother and I are pro’s! We pack 2 pairs of shoes, our tickets are filled out,  we have our list of things we “need”, we unload or purses to the bare minimum and we bring along a tote with a bottled water. We where layers, and have lots of small bills, we walk in there like we own the place and head straight back to the wholesale where we make our rounds to the usual vendors who we know have the best prices, we then head down, we set a time where we meet if we get lost, and we have our cell phones on, after the show we head to a local restaurant where we each layout all our goodies and  talk about what a deal we got on them.  Below I have listed all the details for this upcoming show… Hope to see you there!

FEBRUARY 19-21, 2010

4320 Chantilly Shopping Center
Chantilly, VA 20151

Friday        12:oo p.m.-6:00 p.m.
Saturday    10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
Sunday      11:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Tickets: One low ticket price good for all three days! Tickets are $8.00 per person, children under 2 enter for free. You can purchase tickets at the show. [Cash only]

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I heart Squirrels!

Can you believe we got yet another blizzard!?!

So I awake to my parents telling me that there is 2 squirrels stuck in our tree with no food and that I should schlep them corn and nuts. So I do and I gear up in long johns, jeans, snow suit (which I had no idea we owned), and lots of fleece, the snow is up to my thighs and it is so hard to climb/walk through. It’s been several hours and I do not believe they have touched the corn or nuts.