My handsome nephew Alex! I love going over to see him and watch him grow and see what he can do now. I can say everyone’s name except mine. I’ll say “Nana”, “Mommy”, “Poppy”, “Daddy” and he will light up and with a smile and repeat and know who your talking about. Then I’ll say “Brooke” and he doe’s this half cocked head thing, thinking what? He only knows a few words but he’s talking 24/7 just babbling stuff. At first I thought he was speaking Bosnian until my sister-in-law said that she had no idea what he’s saying. He’ll pickup anything that looks like a telephone and say “hello?” I don’t know what he would do if something talked back at him on it. His favorite word seems to be ‘brain freeze’ you can thank Nana for that one. You say that word and his face just lights up and he screams it, it’s as if the memories of watching his Nana eating ice cream in that all you can eat chinese restaurant and her holding her head saying “OMG, Brain Freeze!”

It’s a riot watching kids grow!