Christmas 2009 was a blast! Nothing like family coming together and spending the whole day opening gifts and eating, not to mention the white Christmas!  Lately Christmas has been focused around my nephew Alex, the only child in the family. He’s 18 months and loves wheels and telephones (he’ll pick up anything that resembles a phone and say “hello”). He got a tickle me Elmo and that sent him screaming in laughter and lot’s of trucks with wheels. One of our traditions is to get our picture taken with Santa, we hang them up in order and we have photo’s dating back to when my father was a boy and my mother a teenager. Some we are screaming, others were smiling, and then we have the one’s where we have that deer in the headlight look. One of my gifts to my brother and his wife and my parents were albums that I had made of my nephew of photo’s that I had taken of him over the year.